Electronic Scoring with Play Cricket

These are exciting times for scorers as electronic scoring offers new opportunities whatever the type of game. The basic software known as Play Cricket Scorer (PCS) you can download an App to your mobile or tablet and is already being used in recreational cricket. The more advanced package is PCS Pro (Scorer Pro) which is software for downloading onto your laptop as it runs on Windows 10. This is used not only for recording but also analysing cricket matches. This is used in international matches but also for domestic competitions, increasingly at all levels, and recreational games. Not only does it allow for live scoring but can also be linked to the ground scoreboboard. For those who want to find out more and even take up electronic scoring there is a wide range of on-line tutorials on YouTube or in-app tutorials for the different programmes highlighted. Courses are also organised by the Association of Cricket Officials (ACO) of the English Cricket Board (ECB).

These are exciting times for scorers and potential scorers given the prospect of electronic scoring using their mobiles, tablets or laptops. It offers new opportunities to the younger generation both men and women. It inevitably represents a major advance on scorebooks still being used by some of the traditionalists. As the ECB states, scoring is as important as umpiring, batting, bowling and fielding. Scorers are the historians and also play a crucial role in assessing the performance of players that is made easier by Play Cricket Scorer.  The role of scorers is being increasingly recognised and at the same time earning more respect.

If you are a player or supporter you can use Play Cricket Live assuming the game is being scored electronically. You can follow the game and check out your match day statistics.

It is already being used by Lymington CC for their first team fixtures with the intention of extending it to include the 2nd XI once cricket can be resumed.

Lionel Colby, Lymington CC

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