We are starting to see the synergy of Lymington Cricket Club and Lymington Town FC & Sprites that both clubs have tried to foster in the last 4 seasons. It is great to see kids at 7 & 8 training and playing for Sprites and then in Summer season turning out for LCC. They find a common link between the Clubs (and even some of the Coaching and supporter teams are the same Dads/Mums as in Football (Marc Rayner, Ian Loveless, Luther Stone, Terry Crabb, Justin Whitbread et al to name but a few). Ian Loveless has been a driving force in this initiative for closer relations between the two historic Clubs starting with his 3 lads Baden, Winston & Denning who all play for Sprites & LCC. Jason Walbanke is our flag carrier having played in senior teams at the higher levels in both Clubs.

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